1.2.2 Bug Fixes and Improvements

Combat Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which an attack or dash could override a hitreaction when performed on the same frame as getting hit, which resulted in desynced grapple animations and other “phantom hits”
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the opponent’s pushbox when they hit the wall after Irish Whip
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Primer from KOing an opponent if it reduced their HP to 0
  • Fixed a time out bug triggered by entering a grapple clutch just as the timer was hitting
  • Fixed camera and pushbox issues triggered by canceling out of the following moves as early as possible:


Cross Armbreaker

Lou Thesz Press

Mudhole Stomp

Sling Blade

Superplex Falcon Arrow

Attitude Adjustment


Phenomenal Forearm

Ura Nage

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Desync occurring causing some matches to end early
  • Occasionally, matches occur where damage is not dealt to the opponent when the player executes any move.
  • Factions request list automatically scrolls up and down (“bounces”) on chats, donations, and join/leave events
  • Post-PvP Battle Bucks VFX have been shortened
  • Timer starts running backward when Steve Austin’s Big swing move in certain situations
  • Queued cards not coming out after a successful sharpshooter
  • Removed a case where two Boxes can be unlocked at once
  • All actions performed in Factions feature are updating after hard quit and relaunching the application
  • Player now gets loot box progress even when all box slots are full
  • Sometimes, white upgrade arrows instead of green are displayed on some cards in Deck Builder UI
  • Light Clips through John Cena’s body on Match winning Screen in Taj Mahal and Moaui statue Arena
  • Updated Triple H’s Passive Skill description to avoid confusion..
  • Overlapping issue is observed in the winning screen between ‘K.O.’ and ‘You Win’
  • Player kick out message appears in the right side of the Faction UI in Request Section instead of Chat section
  • Opponent superstar snap changes position when final move before pinning causes side switch, so that pinned Superstar’s head is next to pinning Superstar’s feet
  • Tapping coming soon superstars brings up “Feature Coming Soon”, when it should either be nothing or “Superstar Coming Soon”

Misc. Improvements

  • Players now get Battle Bucks if they get awarded cards that are maxed.
  • Improved character card portraits
  • Added flipped combat portraits for right side
  • Updated Combat Buttons/Cards placement for easier use
  • Added names to the Superstar Icons in Roster menu when selected for easier identification

Known Issues / Incoming Fixes

  • Factions still not showing donations/request.
  • After some grapple animations, performing an action (not a dash) will prevent the character’s physic’s box from reappearing which causes characters to pass through each other.
  • Visual bug showing incorrect end slate for matches i.e not receiving medals during a match or losing medals on a win, However, the end result was recorded correctly.

Want to report a bug? Please submit a ticket here with your player ID so our customer service team can provide assistance. Thank you!