1.5.2 Patch Notes


Forward Wall Splat hitreaction duration increased to make more combos possible.

Class Moves

Acrobat Moves

Retreating Strike: Momentum changed so the 1st hit connects if performed at point blank. 2nd hitreaction changed to stagger. Able to act sooner during recovery.

Springboard Rana: Invulnerability added while jumping off of the wall.

Brawler Moves

Lunging Kick: Cost increased from 3 to 5.

Technician Moves

Samoan Drop: Small amount of forward momentum added to the startup. Slightly longer knockdown time.

Payback Punch: Able to act sooner during recovery to allow for more combo potential.

Fireman Carry Combo: Ground bounce enhanced at the end of the attack to allow for more combo potential.


Randy Savage

Bionic Elbow: Attack startup speed reduced. Running speed and distance reduced.

Style: Constant hype gain reduced from 1% to 0.66% per second

Steve Austin

Lou Thesz Press: Increased range. Increased forward momentum on successful grapple.

Mudhole stomp: Startup speed increased. Range slightly increased

AJ Styles

Phenomenal Blitz: Base damage increased from 148 to 168. Damage distribution across hits is weighed more into the final hit.

Style: While active, reduces the cost of special moves by 1 in addition to acrobat moves.

Keith Lee

Spirit Bomb: Base damage increased from 200 to 245. Cost increased from 4 to 5.

Big Bang Catastrophe: Damage increased from 245 to 250. Range increased from short to mid.

Andre the Giant

Butterfly Suplex: Range slightly increased. Wallsplat duration greatly increased.

Giant Body Press: Range increased

Shinsuke Nakamura

Style: Hype gain now scales with combo size. 2 attack combo is 10% meter, 3 attack combo is 20% meter, and so on.