1.6.2 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue preventing progress on Prize Box Upgrades
  • Fixed an asset appearing on the Easter Island Arena that would appear when players are in the corner.
  • League 14 now has the correct info in Victory Road as to what is unlocked when a player reaches this league.
  • The Fiend’s Running Crossbody move no longer has the opponent falling on the opposite side when played into a pin.
  • Resolved an issue where progress meter was not showing correctly in Victory Road
  • Resolved an issue where the Tutorial would get stuck on the Curb Stomp move.
  • Player level is now showing correctly in Practice Mode
  • The opponent’s arm now appears correctly when Keith Lee’s Big Bang Catastrophe is played against them.
  • Resolved an issue when players could not scroll between Leagues in Victory Road if they spam the Unclaimed Rewards button.
  • Selecting Unclaimed Rewards now takes the user to the correct place.
  • Music and SFX play correctly in a match if done directly after the tutorial
  • Hulk Hogan’s banner appears correctly in combat
  • Friendly battle results now appear correctly for everyone
  • Tournament Round Results no longer appear every time a user visits the Faction hub
  • Tournament Round Results no longer appears when a new user joins a Faction hub
  • Arena icons now appear correctly in the Friendly Tournament UI.
  • Hulk Hogan finisher now shows sample combos
  • Other Text and Localization fixes


  • Multi-Touch is now integrated in combat
  • Damage, Health and Superstar Levels all now appear in the Combat UI
  •  Resources are now shown on upgrade screens
  • Skip buttons have been added to all Superstar intros
  • Volume has been lowered for initial installs
  • Faction searches have been improved to focus on activity and reduce the amount of recommendations.