Big E – League 3 Rare Showboat

Big E is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 8/6! The word “Big” is an understatement when talking about Big E, a tank of a man who can deadlift a truck. Armed with The Power of Positivity, Big E also reveals his fun-loving side, shaking his hips before crushing his opponents with a devastating splash.

Big E is the first superstar released in the “showboat” class, and along with that comes brand new moves to try. Showboat moves generally have great strong points, but more noticeable weak points, such as a fast attack with very long recovery.

Special Moves

Triple Back Breaker

A devastating series of three back breakers. It has a bit of a slow startup, so it’s best to use while the opponent is cornered and has nowhere to run. It doesn’t end in a side switch, so you can continue corner pressure afterward. 

After the attack, Big E will show off with a hip-shaking dance.

E Train

A clothesline strike that continues into a body splash. It has great range and resets stage position.

After the attack, Big E will show off with a slow clap.


Big Ending
A strong finisher that maintains stage position. It’s easy to combo into from any shared or showboat moves that don’t knock down. Try comboing into it from Sneaky Slap, a new contender for fastest attack in the game.


Think Big
Big E’s style is tied to his special moves. After successfully landing one, he’ll go into a taunt. If this taunt animation completes, the opponent will lose 30% hype gauge and have a 30% debuff on hype gain for 15 seconds. If you choose to not let this animation complete, you can cancel it by dashing to instead have more energy ready so you can continue pressure as the opponent gets up from the ground.

Will you taunt every time to deny the opponent from using their finisher? Will you save it for when their gauge is full? Will you just use the extended knockdown time to recover more energy? Figure out what moments are best to cancel, and which moments are best to activate the style!