Bobby Lashley is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 11/5! A man of many accolades, The All Mighty has risen to prominence by defending the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre. Equipped with his unbreakable Hurt Lock, Lashley continues to expand his credentials as he further cements his dominance in a WWE ring.

Bobby’s specials are slow, and his powerhouse class incentivizes him to use other slow attacks as well. This makes it harder for him to land a hit than many other superstars. However, when he does land a hit, he can combo his powerful attacks together to deal some outrageous damage.

Special Moves

Yokosuka Cutter

A slow but powerful grapple that switches sides with the opponent and bounces them off the ground for a combo. Any time this move is available, try to fish for the right opportunity to hit with it.

Reverse Power Slam

A grapple that’s just as slow as Yokosuka Cutter, but has less range and doesn’t allow for a juggle followup. On the upside, it does even more damage and doesn’t switch sides with the opponent so you can continue a corner advantage. Although it’s slow, it’s just fast enough to combo after Yokosuka Cutter, so chain these two moves back to back for massive damage.


Hurt Lock
A finisher that’s slower than most others. On the upside, it allows for a combo afterward. If you can do Hurt Lock to Yokosuka Cutter to Reverse Power Slam, you can wipe out a huge portion of the opponent’s stamina in one go.


The All Mighty
While Bobby Lashley has full hype gauge, he will win all grapple clashes. This helps out his otherwise hard to land grapples, since they otherwise have a tendency to lose mid or high cost grapples. You’ll still have to worry about strikes, but it helps hedge your bets against the opponent’s options. This is a valuable perk to have, so only use your finisher if the resulting combo can win you the round!