Cesaro – League 5 Rare Technician

Cesaro is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 1/7! The Swiss Cyborg is merciless in his technique, ripping through competition with his brutally innovative grappling. A hybrid brawler who improves and amazes every time he steps into the ring, there’s still no telling how far The King of Swing will go.

Cesaro has some of the biggest possible combos of any Technician, helped by his cost-reducing Style and his comboable Special Moves. Any time he does his famous Cesaro Swing, you better believe he’ll be dishing out some big damage. If the cards align just right, he can do impressively long strings of attacks.

Special Moves

Cesaro Swing

A short range grapple with decent speed. After it connects, you can input a forward or backward dash to choose the direction the opponent is thrown. If the opponent hits the wall, they get splatted and can be followed up by more attacks. Connecting with this move is crucial, as hitting with it triggers his style, King of Swing. Due to its short range, it’s easier to try comboing into it than to use it on its own.

Choke Lift Toss

A mid ranged grapple with decent speed. It launches the opponent very high, giving you all the time in the world to combo into any other attack in your arsenal. Connecting with this move is crucial, as hitting with it triggers his style, King of Swing. It’s got more range than Cesaro Swing, making it the ideal choice for starting an offense.


A finisher with poor range, but lots of active frames, making it easy to beat out the opponent’s options. It maintains stage position for better or worse, and you can’t combo after it unless you use a move that targets the ground. Because of these things, it’s usually best to hang onto it for emergency situations or close out a match. Cesaro has plenty of combo options without using his finisher, so it’s OK to save it for the very end.


King of Swing
After connecting with either of his Special Moves, all of Cesaro’s cards cost 2 less for 6 seconds. These 6 seconds also account for the grapple animations themselves, giving you less than 6 seconds to actually do attacks. By loading up Cesaro with fairly quick attack animations, you can rapid fire perform a few cheap attacks after either of his specials for a cool combo. When adding Rope Throw into the mix, especially right before the 6 second timer ends, things can get really crazy. Be sure to check out various combinations in training mode to see what works best after each of Cesaro’s Special Moves!