Edge – League 4 Epic Acrobat

Edge is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 5/28! Beyond his ability to capitalize on opportunities, Edge became known as The Master Manipulator because he wasn’t afraid to cross the line in order to rattle the competition. If we’ve learned one lesson from Edge’s career, it’s to always expect the unexpected.

Special Moves


Edge rushes forward the distance of a dash, then lets loose with a kick. If it connects, he follows up with a DDT. If the opponent is cornered, it can cause a wallsplat for extended combos. There are even some followups that work midscreen, like his finisher, Spear.


A counterattack that switches sides with the opponent and bounces them for a combo. The counter stance is a bit longer than most other counters, so it’s easier to punish with a grapple. However, the ease of combo followups makes it well worth it.

If you ever land Edge-O-Matic, you can go into Edgecution and finally Spear for a huge chunk of damage.


Travels nearly the whole stage and resets stage position on hit. The startup speed of the attack depends on how far Edge is from the opponent. If the opponent dashes backward at just the right time, they can make it whiff. So it might be risky to use outside of a combo against an experienced player. 


Ultimate Opportunist
If the opponent’s energy is less than 8, Edge’s acrobat class cards cost 1 less. This allows Edge to occasionally go for cheaper whiff punishes than usual. It’s especially useful in conjunction with acrobat cards with evasive properties, such as Retreating Strike.