Hulk Hogan is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 10/1! Clad from head to toe in his trademark yellow and red, Hulk Hogan’s superhuman size and undeniable charisma set the standard for what a Superstar should be. Hogan’s best matches read like a shortlist of WWE’s defining moments.

Hogan’s signature attacks hit with impressive speed and always lead to combos. However, he’s left wide open if he misses. It’s not all bad if he makes this mistake, however; his style ensures he’ll get chances to come back with his finisher.

Special Moves


A striking combo with good range and speed that always results in a wallsplat no matter what. The 2nd punch comes out even if the 1st misses, so the opponent might use this opportunity to counter. If this attack is performed while the opponent is grounded, Hogan will pick them up then punch them to the wall as usual, but the pick up is a little bit slow and requires good timing. The grounded version of the attack does slightly less damage.

Back Body Drop to Elbow Drop

An outstandingly fast grapple that’s offset by its poor range and slow recovery. When it connects, it resets stage position and bounces the opponent for a combo. It’s especially easy to combo into Pulverizer afterward.


Leg Drop
A finisher that’s a bit on the slow side, but has decent range. However, it’s generally not good to use it while the opponent is standing. If you use Leg Drop while the opponent is grounded, you’ll be treated to more damage, a fancier animation, and even a longer knockdown!


Whatcha Gonna Do, Brother?
The first time Hogan is downed, he is revived with a small bit of health and a completely filled hype gauge instead of transitioning to a new round. This amount of health is usually enough to get downed again with just a single grapple, but the instant finisher availability gives the opponent reason to have a bit of caution once control is regained. After getting downed a second time, the game will proceed to the next round like normal.

To make the most of things, make sure you finish combos with Leg Drop as often as possible.


After landing a signature or finisher, letting go of the controls will result in Hogan doing a cool pose. During this animation, energy regenerates as if you were standing idle, so you are not penalized for showing off. It doesn’t provide any unique gameplay advantage, but playing the Hulkster just isn’t the same without it.