Jeff Hardy – League 2 Rare Acrobat

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Jeff Hardy is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 6/11! The Charismatic Enigma dared the WWE Universe to dream big and showed that anything was possible when you took a risk. He shows no signs of slowing down, and he continues to live his dream and defy the odds every time he steps into the ring.

Special Moves

Whisper in the Wind

Jeff runs to the wall and flips off of it onto the opponent. There are two ways to use this move: normally and while the opponent is grounded. If used normally, it needs to be used in close proximity to the wall. If the opponent is grounded, it can be used anywhere and triggers a special animation. For the normal version, Jeff is invincible while flipping through the air, but it’s slow enough to very easily be countered. It’s strong as a last ditch effort to fight back against an aggressive opponent, or as a powerful combo finisher.

Twist of Fate

A strike that leads to a grapple animation when it hits. It doesn’t change stage position much or leave the opponent grounded for a long time, but its range and speed is good enough to use either as a mid-combo attack or a surprise attack while your opponent is trying to fake you out.

If possible, always go directly into Whisper in the Wind afterward!


Swanton Bomb
The sliding kick startup has good range for a finisher, and can even hit opponents while they are on the ground. Because of this, it’s very easy to use this as a combo ender.
If you have Whisper in the Wind available, be sure to use Swanton Bomb first to make the most of hype gauge management. After all, if your hype gauge is full, you can’t gain any.


Charismatic Enigma
Every time Jeff uses an Acrobat class card, the rate at which he gains hype gauge is increased by 10% until he gets hit. This amount can stack, and it only matters about using the card, not hitting with it. To make the most of this, equip as many Acrobat cards as possible and unleash tons of finishers! However, you may want to strike a balance between lots of Acrobat cards and useful shared cards that you don’t think you can live without.