Keith Lee – League 2 Rare Powerhouse

Randy Savage is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 4/9! Lee is a 300-plus pounder with incredible speed, mind-blowing agility and unbelievable power all at once. He’s shown the WWE Universe that he will be a mainstay for years to come, and there is simply no other choice but to bask in his glory.

Special Moves

  • Spirit Bomb

This signature attack has both speed and power. It’s easy to use as a combo finisher, so set up for it as often as you can.

  • Pounce

Keith Lee runs forward, then shoves the opponent once in range. It sends the opponent flying backward further than most other knockback moves, which often leads to a wall splat and a potential combo.

While Spirit Bomb is a good combo ender, Pounce is a great surprise attack to potentially start a combo. Using both in one combo will net you big damage for little effort.


Big Bang Catastrophe
Keith Lee’s finisher has below average range, but above average damage, especially for a Rare superstar. Because it switches sides with the opponent, it’s best to use this as an invincible last ditch effort to escape the corner rather than as a surprise attack.


Bask In My Glory
When Keith’s Energy is less than 2, his Energy Regen increases by 100%. This not only improves his regeneration after a long combo, but also gives him unique opportunities to chip away at an opponent’s stamina with frequent low cost attacks. With the right deck, you can make your opponent feel like your energy is truly limitless.