Montez Ford is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 9/2! Few can bring the swag like Montez Ford can. With no prior experience in sports entertainment, Ford’s athleticism was destined for big things. Becoming a part of Smackdown, Ford continues to get the smoke competing with some of the brand’s top Superstars.

Special Moves


A leaping side kick that stuns the opponent for a long time. It’s slow to start and might get countered on reaction, but it has great range so it’s difficult to avoid. The long stun from its hit allows Montez to combo into just about anything. It can even combo into Windup Punch, a slow and powerful strike for Showboats.

Standing Moonsault

This strike works against standing or grounded opponents. Against a grounded opponent, it instantly goes into a cinematic attack that ends with Montez on the other side. Against a standing opponent, it keeps Montez on the same side and leaves the opponent grounded long enough to do something like The Doormat, or just recover lots of energy. The version against a standing opponent is slow, but it has a bit of invincibility in the middle of the animation. If used in a daring manner, the results can be surprising.


From The Heavens
A finisher with good speed, range, and generous invincibility. Thanks to Montez’s style, you’ll get to use this early on in the match without fear of retaliation. Then, combo into Standing Moonsault.


Life of the Party
Montez’s style is simple, but helps him establish an early lead. From the very start of the battle, his hype gauge is 60%. This allows him to do a finisher sometimes even after just the first combo of the match. Make sure you use his finisher as soon as it’s available, to make the most of this advantage.