WWE Undefeated v1.1 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented The Fiend from getting up off of the ground in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed an opponent in the “sliding knockdown” state to be hit by attacks that don’t target the ground.
  • Fixed a bug in the Kevin Owens vs Undertaker matchup that prevented Undertaker from reviving in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug with Roman Reign’s Style where his damage boost wouldn’t reset after taking damage in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Nakamura to combo opponents after his counter as if they were standing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Adam Cole to gain hype gauge from hitting with his finisher.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented supers from being invulnerable on the 1st frame.
  • Fixed an error listing Otis’ Style as 25% when it was actually 15%.


John Cena

John Cena is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 12/18! He’s a Legendary League 6 Superstar that has a great way to reset the opponent to center stage with a Running One-Handed Bulldog, as well as Five Knuckle Shuffle, a strong ground-targeting attack. With this powerful combination, he’s
always got a chance to come back from any tough situation.

His Style, Never Give Up, is great for big comebacks! When his Stamina is 40% or less, his Special Moves will cost 2 less Energy. Use this to finish any knockdown combo you can with Five Knuckle Shuffle.


5 new moves are being added to the game. Have fun customizing your decks to take advantage of these awesome new moves!

  • Irish Whip – League 3 Counter that switches sides with the opponent
  • Revenge Punch – League 4 Counter that knocks the opponent down
  • Big Swing – League 5 Grapple that throws the opponent away, best used close to the wall
  • Running Knee Bash – League 7 Grapple that runs forward before knocking the opponent away
  • Fireman Carry Combo – League 4 Series of Strikes that knock the opponent to the ground


Free Boxes

The Free Boxes are a new type of box in WWE Undefeated! You can find them at the top of the Missions screen. There’ll be 3 boxes for you to collect. To open all 3, you have to start in order. When you open the first one, a timer will begin. After that timer completes, you can open the next, until you’ve opened all 3 free boxes! Make sure you log in every day to get free rewards!

Battle Box

The Battle Box is another new type of box that rewards you for doing well in your matches! Each time you Pin an opponent, you’ll make some progress to opening the Battle Box. When you’ve gotten 10 Pins, you can open this box for some awesome rewards! After it opens, a timer will start until the next day, when you can start working to open it again.

Balance Adjustments

  • Body Slam was granted a bit of extra forward momentum to give it more range. This was done to further differentiate it from German Suplex, the other 3 cost grapple move.
  • Adam Cole’s Star of the Show buff to damage and energy regen was reduced from 10% to 8%. This was done to compensate for the conditions for its activation, which has the side effect of increasing the damage of his super as well.