Patch 1.4.3 Notes

  • Resolved a desync issue with AJ Styles
  • Resolved some clipping issues with some Superstars
  • Resolved an issue where Awesome Combo was appearing for Edgecution
  • Medals now update in real time when a player loses a match
  • Web links for news hub articles have been fixed
  • The top most missions now highlight correctly
  • Resolved an issue with the Colosseum pillars were showing in some camera angles.
  • Info button no longer extends beyond the screen in the Roster menu
  • Faction chat now allows for special characters in chat messages.
  • Mankind’s lighting in the Hub is fixed.


  • Reduced unlock timers for League 2-5 lootboxes
  • FPS, Memory and Lighting Optimizations
  • Medal floors have been reduced to alleviate league drops
  • Matchmaking will now expand beyond a player’s current region.