Randy Savage – League 7 Legendary Acrobat

Randy Savage is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 3/24! Macho Man’s style was only outshined by his performances in the ring, which led him to two WWE Championships, four WCW World Championships and a 14-month reign as Intercontinental Champion.

Special Moves

  • Bionic Elbow

A fast rushing strike that’s easy to hit with. The excellent range of this attack makes it ideal for a surprise attack from a distance, but it’s an easy to use combo ender as well. If you’ve got full energy, it’s hard to go wrong with Bionic Elbow when in doubt.

  • Double Hand Axe

A rushing strike similar to Bionic Elbow, but with a differing set of upsides and downsides. It’s a bit slower and possible to dodge with a well timed backdash, but puts the opponent in a ground bounce. So keep this difference in mind at all times: Bionic Elbow is for surprise attacks and combo finishers, Double Hand Axe is for whiff punishing and combo starters.


Flying Elbow Drop

Randy jumps forward with a body splash to knock the opponent to the ground, then jumps off the wall with a spectacular elbow drop while they’re trying to recover. This finisher can hit opponents that are already laying on the ground, so it’s great for following up a grapple or a wall combo. If you use it to surprise the opponent in the neutral game, there’s a chance that they may run under you while you’re jumping through the air, so be careful!


Macho Man
With his undeniable charisma, Randy channels his undeniable charisma to slowly charge up his Hype gauge at all times. This puts the pressure on the opponent to be the aggressor, because any time spent not attacking Randy is another step closer to him unleashing another finisher. If you play defensively and toy with your opponent, you’ll be able to use Flying Elbow Drop as a trump card frequently.