Rey Mysterio – League 3 Epic Acrobat

Rey Mysterio is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 4/30! He stands only 5-foot-6 and barely weighs 175 pounds, but a lack of size didn’t stop Rey Mysterio from achieving giant dreams like capturing the WWE Championship. The Ultimate Underdog is known for refusing to be intimidated inside the ring.


Special Moves


This damaging counterattack moves forward while attacking, making it easier to use against quick short range attacks that would otherwise whiff. Additionally, it always sends the opponent toward the nearest wall, rather than forward or backward. Capitalize on this for a combo and dominate stage space!

Casadora Bulldog

A running grapple with slightly faster startup than most other moves of its type. You can use it either as a surprise attack or to punish an opponent’s missed attack. Afterward, you can continue with a combo, such as going into his Finisher.



619 to Diving Splash
A dropkick that leads to his signature spin kick and a flying body splash. The damage is great, but the startup doesn’t have a big range. It’s much better to use this as a combo ender or trump card, rather than a match-ending surprise attack.



Ultimate Underdog
When Rey’s stamina is lower than the opponent’s, his Energy regeneration and Stamina regeneration are both increased by 15%. This helps him turn a losing match into a much closer fight, as well as enhancing his combo potential while playing from behind. Take note that this only requires lower stamina and ignores pin count, so you might be able to make use of this style to press the advantage even though you’re technically in the lead.