Andre the Giant – League 8 Legendary Powerhouse

Braun Strowman is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 2/26! Andre the Giant has proven to be larger than WWE itself. The Eighth Wonder of the World towered over the competition at seven feet, four inches and tipped the scales at a gargantuan 500-plus pounds.

Special Moves

  • Nerve Pinch

The slower of Andre’s two grapples, but has good range and moves the opponent closer to the corner. Its relatively low cost makes it great to use while the opponent is finishing getting up from the ground, helping you press the advantage.

  • Butterfly Suplex

A quick and powerful grapple that causes a side switch. If the opponent hits the wall behind Andre, they’ll be stunned for longer, allowing for more follow-ups or just more energy regeneration. Be aware of its poor range, so try to either combo into it or predict an opponent’s forward movement to get them to run into it.


  • Giant Body Press

It’s got short range, but it does the most damage of any other Finisher attack. Its damage alone makes it stand out, and helps Andre close out a round in an ambiguous situation. Its animation repositions Andre to be in the corner, so try to use this to end the first round.


  • Immovable Object
  • Once Andre’s stamina is under 50%, standing idle causes him to not flinch from any strike attacks. Only grapples and finishers will be able to stagger him! He still takes full damage, but this ability to shrug off attacks isn’t to be underestimated. He can easily launch a counteroffensive while the opponent is recovering from a strike. Remember that this is only active while Andre is standing perfectly still. If he’s in an attack animation, moving, or getting up from the ground, he’ll get staggered by strikes like usual.