Braun Strowman – League 4 Rare Powerhouse

Braun Strowman is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 2/12! With a thirst for competition and a lack of a conscience in any shape or form, The Monster Among Men is a Superstar’s nightmare, and one that doesn’t end when the final bell rings. Because even when the match is over, you’ll once again have to “Get These Hands.”

Special Moves


A ground grapple that picks up unsuspecting victims resting on the ground and hurls them behind at nearly half the length of the entire arena. With minimal effort you are able to plaster your hapless victim to the wall in an instant. This move is a perfect followup for any move that causes a side switch knockdown like DDT performed against a cornered opponent.

Reverse Chokeslam

If you like paving the ground with the face of your opponent then this is the perfect grapple for you. Braun easily picks up his next victim by the back of the neck leaps into the air and smashes the poor soul down behind him like a lifeless ragdoll. This leaves you opponent at the very close range for further potential ground based follow up attacks. Use carefully when attempting this grapple for the devastating damage comes at the cost of slow startup and close range.


Running Powerslam

This finisher has deceivingly good range for a grapple. Slinging you over his shoulder he runs back a short distance for a back breaking powerslam. This move combos perfectly with Biel. After an oppressing wall splat against your cornered victim you can perform this finisher to rip them from the wall and smash them into the ground behind you. Here you use Biel to pick them up and return them to the wall you got them from. This combo also works in the opposite order allowing you to choose the manner in which you would like to conduct delivering pain.


Monstrous Strength
The Monster Among Men has seemingly bottomless reserves of energy. No matter how active he is, once he gets a hold of his prey in a grapple clash, he taps into his monstrous strength. If his Stamina is less than the opponent’s Stamina, he gets +2 Grapple priority during Grapple Clashes. Use this to your advantage by staying active, and keeping an eye out on when your opponent attempts to get a hold of you. Respond back with a grapple of your own and see Strowman overwhelm his opponent.