Mankind – League 3 Epic Brawler

Mankind is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 3/12! Mankind is a deranged miscreant who lurked in boiler rooms and shoved his fingers down opponents’ throats. Under the leather mask, he lived through WWE’s most shocking moment when he was thrown off the top of the Hell in a Cell by The Undertaker.

Special Moves

  • Pulling Piledriver
    A counter that has a long knockdown period. Having at least one counter in your arsenal is essential for any serious competitors, and having a strong one like this as a special move provides you more freedom to use your favorite shared strikes and grapples.
  • Double Arm DDT
    This grapple has short range, but has high damage and bounces the opponent off of the ground for a combo.


  • Mandible Claw
    Mandible Claw’s good speed and range make it easy to combo into, and its long knockdown time gives ample opportunity to either hit the opponent while they’re down or sit back and let that energy regenerate.


  • Boiler Room Brawler
    For each 10% Stamina lost, he gains a stacking 3% Damage Boost. This means when he’s at less than 10% Stamina, he’s got a whopping 27% Damage Boost on everything! If you’re on your last legs, comboing Double Arm DDT into Mandible Claw is often enough to start an incredible comeback. As long as Mankind is still standing, don’t count him out!