The Miz is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 8/20! First introduced to TV audiences through reality television, The Miz parlayed his reality TV fame into a legitimate, successful WWE career. At the end of the day, The Miz is an A-Lister. Love him or loathe him, there’s no other Superstar like him. He’s The Miz, and he’s awesome.

Special Moves

Reality Check

A running strike that switches sides with the opponent and bounces them for a combo. After this attack, the bounce is big enough that The Miz can combo into any other attack at his disposal aside from the Windup Punch class card. Its cheap cost and good range may make it tempting to use as soon as possible, but it’s best to wait until you know you’ll be able to do a 10 energy combo afterward with your other cards.

Slingshot Sitout Powerbomb

A rather slow grapple that has bonus effects near the wall. Mid-stage, it switches sides and doesn’t bounce for a combo, merely giving a decently long knockdown time. When near the wall, it bounces the opponent for a combo and always leaves The Miz with his back to the wall. It’s a great combo filler, but not a great combo ender because of this.


Skull Crushing Finale
A finisher with good range that resets stage position, leaving The Miz with slightly more stage space than the opponent. It can’t start or extend combos, so it’s best to use as a combo finisher, especially if you’ve got no option to combo after Slingshot Sitout Powerbomb..


The A-Lister
The Miz’s style is tied to his special moves, but the activation method is more involved than Big E’s. After landing a special move, inputting a backward dash triggers a unique animation that will increase The Miz’s damage by 25% until he takes damage himself. It can stack up to a maximum of 75%, if you can manage to do it consecutively. You can create some impressive snowball victories if you’re able to win neutral twice or thrice in a row.