Triple H – League 5 Epic Powerhouse

Triple H is joining WWE Undefeated on Friday, 1/15, and he’s going to change the game! He’s The King of Kings, a nickname with no hint of exaggeration considering that Triple H is essentially WWE royalty. A 14-time World Champion, The Game has clashed with a litany of ring legends to seize the throne.


Jumping Knee

With the Jumping Knee, he runs forward with and strikes the opponent, launching them into the air which can be comboed into other moves. It’s a bit slow to start up and can be countered on reaction, but its range must be respected.

Flowing DDT

Triple H kicks the opponent then leads into a DDT that can wallsplat the opponent, opening them up for more punishment. It’s too fast to block on reaction, but doesn’t have good range. It’s easiest to land this move when your opponent has nowhere to run.



The Pedigree is a powerful grapple that maintains arena position. Because it doesn’t switch sides or move around the arena much, it won’t help you escape the corner like many other finishers do. It’s best to use this aggressively, while the opponent is already trying to fight their way out of a bad position.


The Game
When he wins a Clash interaction, the opponent’s Defense decreases by 15% for 10 seconds. Like the cerebral assassin that he is, if you play smart, you can wipe out the opponent’s stamina if you counter one of their moves. Try to save your finisher or most damaging cards for just after you win Clash type.