WWE Undefeated has a huge new feature called Class Moves that’ll make the Superstars feel more unique and create new metas to play around. You’ll be able to customize your Superstar’s decks with Class Moves to create a play style that’s unique to you. These moves can only be equipped by a Superstar of the matching Class, so you’ll find lots of different and varied styles when you hop online for matches, The archetypes for each of the Superstar Classes are:




Brawlers are aggressive and back their opponent into the corner. Try to chain together combos that don’t give your opponent time to breath or respond to your barrage.


Powerhouses are slow, but powerful. Wait for the right opportunity to unleash the devastating moves that rip through your opponent’s Stamina.


Acrobats are high-flying and mobile, flipping all over the ring. Use the acrobatic moves to keep your opponent guessing, and unleash a surprise attack when they least expect it.


Technicians have highly situational moves, but open up a huge variety of combos. Build your deck with these situations in mind, and out-think your opponent at every turn.

Decks will now be made up of 3 different types of moves:

– Shared Moves can be used by all Superstars. 

– Class Moves can only be used by Superstars of a matching Class. 

– Special Moves are unique to each Superstar and cannot be removed from the deck.


Why Class Moves?

This feature is designed to tackle an issue that both the team and you have been experiencing: Superstars feel very similar to both play and play against because of the Shared Move system. Class Moves is how we’ve always envisioned the game, but couldn’t because of time and resources. We’re a small team, and the amount of Superstars and Moves at release couldn’t properly deliver the vision of Classes.

With the release of Class Moves, you’ll have access to highly specialized Moves that are unique AND properly showcase who these Superstars actually are. For example, the Big Swing move doesn’t really make sense if a Brawler like Adam Cole throws a Powerhouse like Andre the Giant across the screen. 


Converting Existing Moves and Superstars

To make Class Moves have as big of an impact as possible in the game, we’re converting and rebalancing many of the existing Shared Moves’ and Superstars’ Classes so that each Class plays different and makes the most sense thematically. We’ve also rebalanced the existing Moves to fit the Classes better, which you can see in the 1.4 Patch notes. Here is the full list of Moves and Superstars and where they currently stand now:

Superstar Class Changes

  • Drew McIntyre: From Technician to Powerhouse
  • Kofi Kingston: From Technician to Acrobat
  • Finn Balor: From Brawler to Acrobat
  • Triple H: From Powerhouse to Brawler
  • “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt: From Brawler to Powerhouse

Shared Moves that have been converted to Class Moves

  • Acrobat
    • German Suplex
    • Running Grab
    • Drop Kick
    • Superkick
    • Flying Clothesline
    • Elbow Drop
  • Brawler
    • Kick Combo
    • Roundhouse Body Combo
    • Revenge Punch
    • Running Knee Bash
    • Shoulder Tackle
    • Lunging Kick
    • Primer
  • Powerhouse
    • Spinebuster
    • Power Slam
    • Big Swing
  • Technician
    • Figure Four Leg Lock
    • Ground Pick Up
    • Sharpshooter
    • Payback Punch
    • Samoan Drop
    • Uppercut Counter
    • Fireman Carry Combo
    • Irish Whip
    • Wall Face Smash


New Class Moves

This new feature also includes lots of new moves, which we’ll be adding more in the future to balance out all the Classes:


  • Retreating Strike – Quick strikes that can evade attacks if timed correctly
  • Springboard Rana – Uses the wall to gain elevation and takedown the opponent
  • Flip Kick – Counter attack that jumps over the opponent to switch sides


  • Lunging Gut Punch – Strike that can cover good distance and leads to a crumple
  • Forward Parry – Charges forward while still keeping the guard up
  • Ground Pound – Attacks a knocked down opponent with a series of punches
  • Takedown Grapple – Grapple that knocks the opponent to the ground


  • Clothesline – Running attack that switches sides with the opponent
  • Chest Bump – Counter that leaves the opponent stunned and open for follow ups
  • Bear Hug – Debilitating grapple that leaves the opponent wide open for more attacks
  • Headbutt – Grapple that leaves the opponent open for follow ups
  • Golf Swing Smash – Bashes the opponent upwards for quick follow up attacks
  • Face Grab – Counter that leads to a forward throw
  • Air Throw – Launches the opponent up for follow up attacks
  • Ground Smash – Strike that can damage opponents at a distance


  • Spinning Whip Combo – Strike combo that ends with an Irish Whip
  • Stun Kick – Counter that leaves the opponent spinning from a heavy kick


Converting Decks

If your deck contains converted moves, we’ll be providing you all the Class Moves necessary to correct the deck, and setting it to that Superstar’s new and improved preset deck. 

A Superstar’s preset deck is all the moves that a Superstar comes with when you first unlock them for the first time, and we’ve updated every preset deck for all Superstars to include at least 4 Class moves. This means that though your deck will be updated, you’ll be receiving lots of Class Moves to fill out your deck!


Updating Leagues

Another thing we’ve changed in this update is the league unlocks of the Superstars and Moves, for two reasons

  1. To have a steady number of unlocks for each Class
    1. Regardless of which Class you love, you’ll be unlocking Superstars and Moves as you progress through the Leagues, so you can learn and get used to the cards you have and grow your deck over time.
  2. Difficulty of Classes
    1. Since certain Classes are more difficult than others, placing the order of Superstars by how hard their Class Moves are to generally use. Newer players will be less overwhelmed by difficult-to-use moves, like moves that require the opponent to be on the ground.

The League update won’t affect any of your previously owned content. If you’re currently League 2 and own a Technician, you’ll still be able to get any of those cards in prize boxes.


A Gift for Being Awesome

As a thank you gift for being amazing players, you’ll receive a Class Moves prize box that increases in value the further you are in the leagues if you login during the Class Moves celebration period. For example, if you’re currently League 5 when you login, you’ll get the contents from League 5 AND all the cards in the prize box for League 1 through 4.

Thank you all for being such amazing players. We’re so excited to see what you think of this new feature, and we hope you’re looking forward to the bright future planned for WWE: Undefeated!