Victory Road

This release features a major update to the way you earn rewards in WWE Undefeated.

Victory Road is a series of valuable, one-time rewards that you earn as you progress through the game. These rewards are spread out across big Medal milestones so you’re always just a few wins away from earning something new. You’ll begin earning rewards right after the tutorial and continue all the way through to the Champion Leagues. And if you’re currently a WWE Undefeated player, you’ll receive rewards for milestones you’ve already completed.

One new reward type we’re excited about gives you an option between two rewards. In Leagues where multiple Superstars unlock, you’ll be given the choice between which Superstar you want.

Which is to say, we want to give YOU the choice how you want to play WWE Undefeated! Choose wisely though – all choices are final.

Last, we’ve rebalanced how rewards are distributed in WWE Undefeated.

  • Victory Road gives out valuable Superstar and Action Card rewards
  • Missions give out valuable currency and Prize Box rewards

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See you in the arena – WWE Undefeated team